Employee Drug Testing

Elite Backgrounds understands that the benefits of performing regular drug tests far outweigh the cost. Evidence has shown that having a drug testing program in place significantly deters drug users from applying for positions with companies who openly screen candidates or randomly screen employees.  Illicit drug users often stay away from companies that are known for drug testing as a part of pre-employment screening or as an on-going condition of employment. We can provide the drug screening services for you to establish your company’s reputation and attract the right employees.

Aside from keeping your workplace safe, screening for illegal drugs and intoxicating substances can also have a direct impact on the quality of work, performance, attendance, and customer retention.

Avoid Careless and Costly Injuries

Each year thousands of individuals are injured and co-workers and customers may be put at risk as a direct result of using illegal substances or alcohol while on the job. This can be a problem for most businesses, and most often putting a screening program in place will reduce these instances, and may even lower insurance premiums.

By screening new applicants and periodically testing existing employees, you can minimize potential for loss and many other risks often imposed on a business as a result of employee substance abuse.

These burdens are not limited to just poor employee performance and lost production time. Often substance abuse can result in rising workers compensation premiums, expensive medical costs, a dangerous work environment, injury to others, and workplace theft.

Elite Backgrounds offers 5-panel, 10-panel, and even customized drug and alcohol tests. Our range of screening services span from instant cups with MRO services for non-negative results, to saliva swabs, to laboratory testing. Laboratory testing includes collection of the sample, secure transportation to the laboratory, analysis and result confirmation in a DHHS and SAMHSA-certified laboratory. Typically, it takes 24 to 48 hours after the sample is submitted for the laboratory to report back on the results.

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