Pre-Employment Screening

Does the thought of hiring the wrong candidate haunt you?  It should. Studies have shown that a vast number of resumes and job resumes are not only false and misleading, but are downright fraudulent. Knowing this it becomes obvious to anyone seeking employees that an extensive background check is an integral part of helping you find the right candidates for the job.  Elite Backgrounds can help you filter out potential candidates that pose a liability to you and your company.

Whether you are small, medium or a large fortune 500 company, hiring qualified people can not only propel you forward into success, but can also save you the high cost of having to replace employees who otherwise would cause you and your company problems. That’s why at Elite Backgrounds we help you acquire the vital information you need to make those crucial personnel decisions. We can help you implement screening solutions for key management positions to volunteers, and everything in between.

Unlike many firms that charge you for complete package of services, we offer flexibility through our custom solutions so you only pay for what you actually need.  This is one of the many reasons why our customers and clients look to us for pre-employment screening.

Instant Reporting for Quick Reaction

Our online pre-employment background check delivers an extensive range of reports instantly. This gives you the ability to make hiring decisions quickly, by accessing candidate information such as: felony criminal convictions, misdemeanors, prison/arrest records, driving records and offenses, sex offender registrants, Social Security number fraud and even providing prior aliases used.

By using your customized pre-employment screening process with Elite Backgrounds, you can help create a safe environment for your employees and clients. The potential for liability issues that may arise from hiring personnel with a criminal past is a concern for many businesses. The right pre-employment screening can decrease the threat of violent incidents in the workplace, deter fraud and theft, and help secure your company’s good reputation.

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With so much at stake, is it worth the risk to hire your next employee without using Elite Backgrounds as your preferred choice for pre-employment screening? When you consider that it only takes one workplace incident to destroy your company’s reputation and quite possibly put you out of business, the answer is NO.

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