Is a SSN Trace the right tool for your screening package?

A social security number trace, also known as a Person’s Search or Skip Trace is an essential part of a comprehensive background check.  The check discloses whether the social security number is valid, where and when the number was issued, and the name and any aliases associated with the social security number, and the address history of the owner.

When performing a Person’s Search on a candidate, the information returned may include data reported from credit bureaus, and can even help identify if a candidate was/is a victim of identity theft.

Our person’s search is often used in conjunction with specific Criminal Background Checks, as it serves to build a profile of your applicant’s address history, and discloses what names and aliases they may have criminal records under. The information from this search enables us to concentrate our efforts in the right locations and on the relevant names to uncover any potential criminal records.

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